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What is SWIFT ?

SWIFT is unique. We were established to find a better way for the global financial community to move value – a reliable, safe and secure approach that the community can trust, completely. We have constantly evolved in an ever-changing landscape, without undermining that trust. Nearly five decades on, our vibrant community reflects the complexity and diversity of the financial ecosystem.

Today, goods and services move more quickly and across greater distances than ever before, so value needs to move further and faster too. Our vision is for a world in which payments are not only trusted but instant. We innovate tirelessly, test exhaustively, then implement fast. In a connected and challenging era, our approach has never been more relevant. There’s no other organisation like us anywhere in the world. Without us the world would be a very different place. We’re trusted every instant.



The implementation and deployment services offered by Banking Intelligence Consulting cover the deployment of your SWIFT infrastructures, the establishment of backup sites or the securing of the communication channels used between the SWIFT platform and the banking applications.
With the help of the financing Consulting expertise, you can maintain brand quality and reduce the risk of errors or cyber-attacks by ensuring sustainability, the stability and security of SWIFT systems.
Banking Intelligence Consulting provides a comprehensive approach, which sums up the support and preventive maintenance of SWIFT infrastructure.


CSP Consulting

Due to the recent cyberattacks that have been occurring worldwide, violating the security schemes of companies, SWIFT has been constantly working on increasing network security levels. The foregoing addressed from 5 strategic initiatives, which seek to improve information security schemes for the entire community and safeguard the security of the global banking system. These are:
Improve the exchange of information
Improve SWIFT-related tools
Improve guidelines and provide audit frameworks
Support in detecting patterns for transactions
Increase support from third parties and vendors
Based on these strategic initiatives, SWIFT developed the Customer Security Program – CSP, which guides its customers on the risks that may arise in the infrastructure of the services that each one has and the applicable controls to mitigate them.
Likewise, this program requires that SWIFT customers attest to compliance with the program’s controls, divided into 19 mandatory and 11 optional controls, and which are applicable depending on the type of service infrastructure that is implemented.

CSP Consulting

CSCF Audit

With our CSCF Audit service, your company will obtain the following benefits:
The audit of an independent third party to carry out the attestation of the CSP, as required by SWIFT.
Remote audit facilitating meetings, of the audit process, with their respective work papers.
The delivery of an executive audit report with the observations for each control. The independent and objective
identification of the findings for compliance with the controls.
The guarantee of reliability, accuracy and opportunity in the reports to notify the internal work teams.
Audit delivered by SWIFT experts, which implies the reduction of the risk of an inadequate evaluation of the CSP controls.
The optimization of resources and time savings in the development of the audit.

CSCF Audit


The support services offered by Banking Intelligence Consulting cover:
Support and maintenance of SWIFT infrastructure Investigation and resolution of incidents.
Preventive maintenance and deployment of updates.
Configuration change (routing, users, new flows…).
System administration support
Support in system security
administrationSupport in the administration of RMAs
Accompaniment in the test of the contingency Plan
WEB system for managing support cases


At Banking Intelligence Consulting, we are pleased to offer our expertise for helping organizations like yours define the right procedures to enhance the productivity and security of your overall system.


We provide 24/7 support service in order to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We live for an intelligent experience for better world.


Our SWIFT training programs will help you gain knowledge about the SWIFT environment and all the updates that are included to SWIFT system.

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